AMS Aircraft Services Limited

Aircraft Technical Management

AMS provides technical management services to airlines, aircraft financiers, aircraft lessors and aircraft owners.

These services include:
• Pre-Purchase Aircraft Inspections
• Annual Health Check Inspections
• Audits of Aircraft Maintenance Records
• Aircraft Maintenance Supervision
• Aircraft Deliveries and Redeliveries
• “CALM” – Our Aircraft Asset Management Programme
• Audits of Maintenance & Repair Organisations
• Audits of Aircraft Managers/Operators
• Calculation of Maintenance Reserve Rates
• Production or Analysis of Maintenance Work Scopes
• Calculation of End-of-Lease Compensation Payments
• Fly-Forward Maintenance Status Projections
• Implementation and Supervision of Lessee Transition Maintenance
• Advise on the Technical Aspects of Lease or Loan Documentation

These services can be provided individually or can be bundled together to create a technical management infrastructure for single aircraft, a leased aircraft portfolio or a developing aircraft operating lessor.

Aircraft Acquisition and Remarketing

AMS provides customised aircraft acquisition and remarketing programmes for operators, owners and financiers of commercial transport and corporate/VIP aircraft.

For many years, our aircraft acquisition and remarketing staff have bought, leased and sold, on behalf of clients, the following aircraft types:
• Turboprops
• Regional Jets
• Airbus/Boeing Single Aisle Passenger Aircraft
• Airbus/Boeing Twin Aisle Passenger Aircraft
• Corporate Jets
• VIP Aircraft
• Freighter Aircraft

In addition to traditional aircraft acquisitions and remarketing, AMS can arrange:
• the sale or purchase of aircraft, with lease attached,
• the sale or acquisition of aircraft engines,
• the Wet Lease (ACMI) of commercial passenger aircraft on a long term or seasonal basis.

Our technical management capability can be utilised within acquisition and remarketing projects to create enhanced value for our clients.

Aircraft Repossession and Recovery

No matter how much risk assessment is carried out by an aircraft financier, investor or lessor before investing in a transaction, there is always a chance something will go wrong.  The history of aircraft operation is littered with unforeseen problems affecting the ability of operators, from individuals to national flag carriers, to pay loan instalments or lease rentals thereby triggering events of default.

AMS has been involved in many aircraft repossession and recoveries in a wide variety of global jurisdictions and, thus, it is an area where AMS excels.  

Such projects are often complex and challenging but AMS has the capability and experience to provide its clients with turnkey solutions to their aircraft repossession and recovery problems.

On behalf of its clients AMS Aircraft can:
• prepare contingency plans to manage potential defaults
• manage voluntary or uncooperative repossessions of aircraft
• manage and supervise the storage and insurance of parked aircraft
• advise upon and manage appropriate maintenance, refurbishment and repair of aircraft and engines
• remarket aircraft for sale or lease.

In every Aircraft Repossession and Recovery project our objectives are to protect the value of our client’s assets and minimise the client’s financial exposure whilst maximising its future income opportunities.

VIP Aircraft

A growing number of successful individuals and international corporations are choosing to acquire Airbus and Boeing commercial transport aircraft for corporate, VIP and VVIP use.  The range of aircraft being acquired stretches from ACJ/BBJ to B747-800 and the Airbus A380.

The acquisition, interior design, specification and VIP cabin installation costs of these aircraft are significant, warranting professional management for all stages of the project. With its experienced cabin completion managers and its associated designers, AMS can provide a truly turnkey service or, at the discretion of the client, can provide specialist support for individual aspects of a project.  

AMS can provide support on:
• Selection of Aircraft Type
• Design and Specification of Cabin Interiors
• Selection of Cabin Completion Centre
• Management of Aircraft “green delivery”
• Management of Cabin Completion
• Management of “final delivery”

Aircraft Sector and Type Reports

AMS produces a range of reports for its clients; on geographical markets, on aircraft type sectors and on specific aircraft types.

Examples of previous reports include:
• The Regional Jet Market
• The Turboprop Market
• Russia
• India
• The MD90

In this ever changing, continuously growing and competitive world, many companies in the aviation sector seek to better understand where opportunities exist.  AMS can research and assess different aspects of the aircraft market to provide its clients with an objective view on most areas.