AMS Aircraft Services Limited

Mike Skinner

Chief Executive

Mike entered the aviation industry in 1988 after an earlier career in banking and leasing, the last four years of which were as Managing Director of the leasing subsidiaries of a UK investment bank.  Since entering the aviation industry he has been involved, at a senior executive level, in aircraft remarketing, technical management and aircraft lease management. He founded AMS in 2001.  Mike is also a past Chairman of the Aviation Club of the UK and a former board member of ISTAT.

Dominique Léonardon


Dominique joined AMS in 2004 having previously worked in the airline and aircraft leasing sectors.

He holds a Diploma of Engineering in Air Transport from the French National School for Civil Aviation (ENAC) in Toulouse, France.

His 40-year aviation industry experience takes in fleet management, ground and flight operations, scheduling and aircraft marketing.

Dominique leads the aircraft marketing and VIP Cabin Completion activities within AMS but is also active on other technical management projects.

Darryl Perkes

Technical Officer

Darryl holds a degree in Aircraft Engineering and is a licensed engineer with over 25 years’ experience in turbofan and turboprop aircraft maintenance.

Darryl joined AMS in 2012 having worked previously for airlines, Cityflyer Express, British Airways and Astraeus.

During his career, Darryl has been an EASA approved Continuing Airworthiness Manager and an Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) signatory.

Philip Skinner


Philip, a graduate in Performance Management at the University of Leeds, joined AMS in 2006 having previously worked outside the aviation industry.

His responsibilities include logistical management of all technical projects and oversight of CALM, the company's aircraft maintenance status monitoring program which covers a range of aircraft types up to and including the Airbus A380.

Philip was elected as a committee member of The Aviation Club of the UK in 2017.